Boiler Repair

Boiler Breakdown and repair coverage includes Canvey Island, Southend & Rochford

As well as Westcliff, Basildon, Benfleet, Leigh-on-Sea & Wickford

Amec Plumbing and Heating provide boiler breakdown and repairs for all boiler issues including low pressure, loss of hot water, radiator faults and many more. For any boiler related issue you can contact us on 07545 311 064 and we will endeavour to get back to as soon as we can. 

Why choose Amec Plumbing & Heating for boiler breakdowns?

When choosing a trades person to complete any gas related work it’s important to go with a trusted and Gas Safe Registered engineer. Not only are we Gas Safe we are also a member of Checkatrade and are WaterSafe approved. We strive for the very best in customer service and proudly showcase our reviews on our website. 

Common boiler faults

Our experienced heating engineer has extensive experience with a range of repairs specific to boilers. We are fast responding and able to deal with all boier related issues including: 


Leaks are a common problem that if left, can not only cause expensive damage to your home, can also affect your boiler’s performance and health.

Faulty radiators 

If your radiators are heating up or reacting to your thermostat it could be an indication of a further issue.

Boiler system not turning on

If your boiler is not turning on this could be due to down to high or low pressure as well as poor gas supply. 

Replacing or fixing the pump

Central heating pumps can often become ceased or broken. Indicators of a broken pump include less heating performance and louder than normal grinding noise. 

Low water pressure 

Low water pressure can cause various problems throughout your central heating system. It can be an indication of a leak or weakness in your system. The easiest way to check your pressure is to identify your pressure gauge usually located on the front of your boiler. This dial should read between 1.5 to 2 bar if this is reading above or below this could be a sign of low or high pressure in your system and will likely need the attention of a Gas Safe Heating Engineer.

Excessive air in your central heating system

Excessive air in your system can be identified if your boiler is making kettling noises. Excessive air in the systems interrupts the smooth running of your boiler and can cause poor circulation

How catching boiler problems early can mean saving money

Many boiler problems, if caught early can be prevented from causing further damage to your heating system. A qualified heating engineer can help you to spot these issues and get them remedied. 

Top tip for keeping your boiler healthy

As well as calling a heating engineer when you notice any of the signs noted above, regular boiler servicing can go a long way for preventing boiler faults and breakdowns. You can find out more about Amec Plumbing & Heating boiler servicing by clicking here

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Give our heating engineer a call or text message on 07545 311 064 or use our contact form. For email communications please send us a message at Our repair service covers Canvey Island, Southend, Rochford, Westcliff, Basildon, Benfleet, Leigh-on-Sea & Wickford.

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